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The profit rate on the Sukuk will be set through a uniform price auction and will be finalized upon closing of the subscription period.
They find that the French auction (the Mise en Vente) is superior to a fixed price public offer and the uniform price auction. (4) In addition, the Mise en Vente and the book-building method have similar incentive properties and can reach similar outcomes.
The profit rate is to be set through a uniform price auction. The issuance is open to subscription by 'sophisticated investors' with a minimum investment of OMR 500,000.
A similar result is found in Kagel and Levin (2005), in which they derive and analyze bidding behavior in a sealed-bid uniform price auction when synergies are present.
2.1 Bonds for a nominal value of NOK 3 billion will be offered by uniform price auction.
The bills are to be sold in a uniform price auction, in which successful bidders pay only the price of the lowest accepted bid.
In an evaluations market, a bid [[beta].sub.i], in this institution represents a minimum price that agent i will be paid to evaluate, and [[beta].sub.i]/(n - 1) represents a maximum amount that agent i might have to pay for the information, as in the uniform price auction. Again, the bids are ranked from lowest to highest and the person submitting the lowest bid is chosen to evaluate the product.
They find that the uniform price auction with highest-rejected-bid pricing generates more revenue than the discriminative auction when it is first in the sequence of treatments.
Next we consider a uniform price auction in which the price of each unit equals the lowest winning bid; this is the uniform-price auction recently used by the U.S.
The profit rate on the sukuk will be set through a uniform price auction with the issuance size to be finalised upon completion of the book-building exercise.
Uniform Price Auctions and Fixed Price Offerings in IPOs: An Experimental Comparison.
The experiments described address such topics as asymmetric information and bank lending, strategic default with social interactions, divisible-good uniform price auctions, dividends,
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