hostile takeover

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Hostile takeover

A takeover of a company (usually made by an open tender offer to shareholders) against the wishes of the current management and the Board of Directors by an acquiring company or raider.
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Hostile Takeover

The acquisition of one company by another without the consent of the target company's board of directors. Generally speaking, a hostile takeover involves the acquiring company buying stock directly from shareholders, sometimes by offering a particularly high price. The acquiring company may buy up to 5% of the target company without registering the move with the SEC. See also: Friendly takeover, Corporate raider.
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hostile takeover

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Occasionally the opposite can occur -- an unfriendly takeover attempt can become friendly when the parties agree to terms rather than conduct a proxy fight.
The IRS has exempted most advertising expenditures but remain silent on many other common The application of INDOPCO to all takeovers by the IRS is clear; however, judicial opinion on the applicability of INDOPCO to unfriendly takeovers remains to be determined.
34 (1992), at first glance, appeared to involve an unfriendly takeover that would allow clarification on the applicability of INDOPCO.
(6) Empower the Comptroller of the Currency to restrict or to monitor commercial bank lending for unfriendly takeovers.