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However, even with the intensified immigration control enforcement efforts, the share of undocumented workers dropped in only a few industries, such as construction (Passel, 2015).
Over the entire period of analysis, volatility of undocumented worker employment (0.07 log points) is more than three times higher than the volatility of documented worker employment (0.02 log points).
Gines said, is broken down into three classes of workers - undocumented, Puerto Ricans and a group of predominantly white workers, with the undocumented worker being the most exploited of the three groups.
ON A SUNNY MORNING IN EARLY June, a large group of mostly West African undocumented workers assembled at a square in central Paris to prepare for an unprecedented, month-long march for mass legalisation of undocumented workers across several European Union states.
legislation, an employment contract with an undocumented worker could
Reminding us that marginalized people can take power, Bacon also looks at the organizing tactics used by undocumented workers in the United States in a number of campaigns, exploring in particular the roles of storytelling, teatros and popular education.
There is a large literature on undocumented workers (see Hanson 2006 for a review), but almost no prior studies have investigated undocumented worker employment at the firm level.
Standing outside the White House before departing for his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, reporters asked Trump about his knowledge of undocumented workers employed there and at his other clubs.
'Undocumented workers will face stern action from the Thai government and Thailand has clearly announced that all Khmer and Vietnamese workers must be documented in order to work in the country.
'We have to remember that many undocumented workers do not wish to be in the situation they're in, and that the real, systemic causes of the problem should be addressed if authorities want to really put a stop to the influx of undocumented work,' she noted.