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The state in which a security's price is lower than it ought to be. A stock may be undervalued, for example, when its earnings and financial outlook are both strong, but its share price is still comparatively low. A number of factors may cause undervaluation, including lack of investor knowledge about the company, which, in turn, leads to low demand for its securities. Value investors seek out undervalued companies because they tend to provide solid returns for lower prices.
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Any stock that trades at a lower price than the issuing company's reputation, earnings outlook, or financial situation would seem to merit is considered undervalued.

Undervaluation may occur when investors lose interest in a company, perhaps because it hasn't kept pace with its competitors, or if there are management problems.

Some investors concentrate on identifying and investing in undervalued stocks, sometimes called simply value stocks, drawn by their bargain prices and the expectation of recovery.

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The long-term health and prosperity of the economy requires either fair or undervaluation. The present policy of overvaluation works by borrowing dollars to subsidise imports, and cannot be sustained in the long run.
"The difference between the actual spread of 478 bps on Lebanon's Eurobonds and the Goldman Sachs' model-implied spread of 371 bps shows that the undervaluation is at 107 bps.
The undervaluation of the euro, by contrast, has two root causes.
Because the amount of money that must be raised from Class 2 is fixed, the undervaluation of co-ops and condos means that the burden shifts to rental buildings in Class 2 to make up the difference.
This leaves shares as the most attractive option, particularly if current undervaluation persists.
It would only be significant if the undervaluation affected payment of inheritance tax.
ASMI decided to implement it after carrying out a study together with its advisors Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and HSBC Bank plc into the reasons for the undervaluation, it said.
Yet to focus on the many challenges faced by women at risk for, or living with, HW & AIDS is to perpetuate the undervaluation of women's agency that underlies all of these problems.
The current conglomerate structure has caused a deep undervaluation of Timken's shares, Relational Investors and CalSTRS said.
Among his topics are perspectives on the undervaluation of the Old Testament in Christian spirituality, four South African proposals for a central theme to scriptural spirituality, perspectives on biblical spirituality from a minor genre of Old Testament scholarship, a cultural-anthropological perspective on the biblical reception and creationism at the Creation Museum, and exegesis and spirituality.
As a result of the auction the assets of OJSC "Bishkek Distillery" with 50% of undervaluation after two auctions that were not held due to lack of applications were sold for 66 million 500 thousand soms on September 19, 2011, said the SNSC.
In Bhalla (forthcoming) I present historical and current evidence to support the proposition that exchange rate undervaluation has played an important role in development and growth, and that its 'management' has been an explicit goal of policy making for several countries since the late 19th century.