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"However, there were some signs that the underlying services economy was beginning to lose momentum, with employment and new business growth both easing, while optimism moderated
This happens because most of the underlying services you use won't be publishing traditional metrics like CPU, memory, disk size, etc.
It can be used for developing, editing, testing and debugging APIs and their underlying services.
Mr Tombs said the decisionmakers are likely to keep a closer eye on underlying services inflation, rather than the headline CPI rate, which has been depressed by lower energy prices.
The Nimbra Vision Network Management System provides end-to-end service orchestration, and therefore network operators have a complete picture of the network and the health/performance of the underlying services," explains Sveb.
"It has moved to underlying services such as finance, cloud services and logistics."
Instead, think of them as a platform of underlying services that can be consumed (or viewed) on a website or on a mobile device, as well as embedded within other applications as needed.
Infrastructure work being carried out on site includes all underlying services the villa units will require, such as service lines, storm-water lines, electricity and gas networks, road networks, traffic management, and even lamp posts.
It seems odd that the nature of the underlying services would play a determinative role as to whether a mark is still in use or not, but given the Board's reasoning in this case, it does leave open that possibility.
"NGEN advances the competitive environment by ensuring [the] government's understanding of not just the network, but also the underlying services, technologies and processes," said Capt.
Also, Juniper Networks Contrail is expected to provide Cyberport a simple way to connect physical networks with a virtual environment and provision underlying services, thus reducing the time, cost and risk for the users when configuring the network.