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However, the decline in the number of underemployed workers was accompanied by an increase in the country's jobless rate to 5 percent, from 4.
Tjan said, "As a community, one of the greatest resources that we can provide to the unemployed and underemployed are the skills necessary to maintain and keep a good job.
According to Eurostat, in Cyprus, the percentage of people working part-time in 2014 was 14% and the underemployed 9.
On average, each underemployed worker would like to work an extra 11.
The North East has the highest percentage of underemployed workers in Britain.
Unfortunately, most people who have been laid off are more inclined to be underemployed (i.
For decades it has been "normal'' for 30 percent or more of college graduates to be underemployed.
The goal is to serve unemployed and underemployed workers by providing relevant training as determined by the needs of the region's energy industry.
The majority of migrants worldwide are part of the labor force of their adopted countries, but they are more likely than the native-born to be underemployed or unemployed.
Among unemployed and underemployed individuals who had a 401(k) or similar defined contribution plan at their most recent employer, 43 percent have taken a cash withdrawal from their account, according to a new report.
NEW research has shown 330,000 more people are underemployed in the UK than in 2010.
college graduates are underemployed or need more training to get on a career track, a poll released on Tuesday showed.