less developed country

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Less Developed Country

A country with lower GDP relative to other countries. Less developed countries are characterized by little industry and sometimes a comparatively high dependence on foreign aid. Less developed countries often undertake programs of development, with greater or lesser interventions on the part of the national governments. They are major borrowers from organizations such as the World Bank. While no strict definition of which countries are less developed exists, most countries that do not belong to the OECD are considered less developed. See also: International development.
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less developed country (LDC)

A country with relatively low per capita income and little industrialization. Less developed countries have been major borrowers from a number of banks worldwide.
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less developed country (LDC)

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The unavailability of advanced veterinary tables in some of the developing and under-developed countries is also another major restraint of the global veterinary tables market.
We'll introduce big initiatives for youngsters for the development of cricket in developing and under-developed countries.We have joined hands with 15 companies to organise Legends Premier League (LPL) in South Africa from November 29 to December 9, 2019 Syed Ali Zaidi, Chairman of Sports Village
The Prime Minister stressed that Bahrain attaches great importance to joint international action to promote global peace and support under-developed countries in their bid to achieve development.
While tackling the kingdom's vision, the Prime Minister stressed that Bahrain attaches great importance to joint international action for the sake of promoting global peace, and supporting under-developed countries and peoples in their efforts to achieve development.
A Rotary club has helped to create nearly 1,000 jobs in under-developed countries.
Especially in developing and under-developed countries the governments are encouraging more participation of women in sports and other fitness related activities, which in turn is projected to bode well for the market growth.
By and by, the world has seen that Russia has established herself as a very useful and influential mediator to play its key role in resolving tensions, uniting peoples to pursue their common goals of progress and prosperity, forging friendly ties with the less advanced and under-developed countries so that they may share with Russia her rich source of knowledge and advancement, and, above all, enabling the oppressed nations to shake off the yoke of imperialism, injustice and tyranny imposed upon them by the big powers.
The rate of diseases in under-developed countries is directly proportional to poverty.
Indeed, the report reminds us that observers and policymakers often conclude their analyses of new trends and potential dangers with "the solution is better education." The solution is sometimes indeed "better education," for instance, when we analyze problems in under-developed countries. But, when the issue is rapid changes engulfing the entire world, we need to consider whether improvements in education as it currently exists will be enough.
"There is very little thought given to the massive global energy infrastructure that would need to be transformed in every corner of the world, costing trillions of dollars, bearing in mind under-developed countries that cannot afford expensive technologies.
Polymer waste leaves a big question mark on the face of developed, developing and under-developed countries.
Mr Bhutto-Zardari said the international community will also have to raise voice for the poor, underprivileged and helpless segments of society and promote democracy in under-developed countries and social equality as well as transparency in different societies.