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1. An ancient Roman unit of length approximately equivalent to 24.6 millimeters. It was also called a pollex.

2. An ancient Roman unit of weight approximately equivalent to 27.4 grams.

3. An ancient Roman unit of area approximately equivalent to 210 square meters.

4. An obsolete unit of weight in the early metric system approximately equivalent to 32 grams.
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La den uncia leviana del neofascismo subisce cosi una grave batt uta d'arresto, rna non esaurisce Ia sua spinta propulsiva, come dimostra il saggio dal titolo La nuova resistenza, pubblicato nel 1960 a seguito degli scontri relativi all' affaire Tambroni (Levi, 1960e; 1975).
Use of positive reinforcement conditioning to monitor pregnancy in an unanesthetized snow leopard (Uncia uncia) via transabdominal ultrasound.
A record exists of a reward presented to Griptus of a quarter uncia of water for his private use in his house in the Campus Martius.
Tabular barite crystals are associated with a recent hot spring deposit of tungsten-bearing psilomelane and opal at Uncia.
The snow leopard (Uncia uncia), which ranges through the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Tien Shan and other Central Asian mountain ranges, has an estimated wild population of only 3,500 to 7,000 individuals.
The slow encroachment of human activity has affected the migration routes and habitats of the Bactrian camel, Capra Ibex, Panthera Uncia and other endangered animals.
So she told everyone that he was actually married to a different woman, Cornelia Sandi, who was still living in the city of Uncia. He became angry and threw a glass of chicha in her face.
Risk of livestock losses to wild carnivores (the snow leopard, Uncia uncia, and the wolf, Canis lupus) necessitates that all the individuals of the latter group, even if not being used on a daily basis, are penned inside the villages.
Leopards in Iran have been known to exceed 90 kg and are often mistaken for snow leopards (Uncia uncia), due to their lighter color and longhaired winter coats (Holby 2003; Khorozyan 1999c).