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OUTCOMES It is doubtful that the unbundled network element platform created consumer benefits equivalent to the opportunity costs, because a great deal of the wealth transfer from incumbents to competitors never reached consumers.
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Birch delivers service using the unbundled network element platform.
The request comes after failed negotiations and Qwest's subsequent refusal to allow AT&T to test Qwest's offering of the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) in Minnesota.
The agreement provides Cordia with a replacement for Unbundled Network Element Platform (UNE-P) through at least July 2008.
com will deliver local services to New Yorkers by utilizing the unbundled network element platform ("UNE-P") through TALK.
Under the agreement, Qwest has committed to provide Z-Tel with access to its Qwest Platform Plus Service (QPP) as a replacement to today's Unbundled Network Element Platform (UNE-P) throughout its 14-state service area until July 2008.
com will deliver local services by utilizing the unbundled network element platform ("UNE-P") through service agreements with Access One, to move quickly and aggressively in these markets.
In their filing, the companies asked the Commission to clarify its Order "to remove any ambiguity about Ameritech's duty to provide the Unbundled Network Element Platform ('UNE Platform).
In addition, for carriers that rely on unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) to deliver services locally, the new XO services can provide an alternative to UNE-P by giving carriers a means to continue to provide local voice and integrated services to business customers.
NEW YORK, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Communications announced today that Verizon has been extremely successful in reaching agreements with wholesale customers for Verizon's commercial offerings of wholesale services to replace existing arrangements, known as unbundled network element platforms (UNE-Ps).