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Ui - Ulcer index, Un - Average number of ulcers per animal, Us - Average of severity score, Up - Percentage of animals with ulcer.
In all animals from all the groups that survived, the longitudinal and abscissal lengths of the upper, opened part of the ulcer were measured with a micrometer that was attached to a stereoscopic microscope, and the product of both lengths ([mm.sup.2]) was expressed in terms of the ulcer index. As shown in Table 1, the sham group showed no ulcer index, and administration of BA-Zn at doses of 3.25, 6.5, and 13 mg/kg decreased the gastric ulcer index to 24.94 [+ or -] 2.00 (P < 0.05), 18.43 [+ or -] 1.11 (P <0.001), and 15.00 [+ or -] 1.44 [mm.sup.2] (P <0.001) (12.0%, 35.0%, and 47.1% protection, respectively), compared to the ulcer index of the model group which was 28.35 [+ or -] 3.27 [mm.sup.2].
Therefore, the mean ulcer score and ulcer index of SDGE were 0.0 and 0.0, respectively.
Effect of Manuka Honey on Ulcer Index. In the ulcer control group, the subserosal layer of the glandular part of the anterior stomach wall showed a significant increase in the gastric lesion index as compared to the SHAM value (P = 0.000).
Ulcer index was calculated as a mean ulcer value of each animal.
(30) Administration of strawberry extract in rats with alcohol-induced ulcers significantly reduced the animals' ulcer index, in large part by inhibiting peroxidation of cell membrane lipids.
Subsequently the stomachs were incised along the greater curvature and the ulcer index was calculated.
Beclomethasone also decreased the ulcer index (number of ulcers each day over time) in 2 of 4 RCTS (eg, 13 of 15 patients [drug] vs 0 of 15 patients [placebo]; P<.01).
Pylorus ligation showed significant (p<0.01) reduction in gastric volume, free acidity and ulcer index as compared to control.
Erosions formed on the glandular portions of the stomach were counted and the ulcer index calculated as described by Main and Whittle [20].