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Internet infrastructure management company Concord Communications Inc has had its eHealth Suite selected by the US Customs Service Office of Information and Technology.
The US Customs Service has opened an office in Aruba to join the existing immigration service there in order to enable passengers travelling to the US to clear customs before they leave the Caribbean island.
The complaint further alleges that Morgan Lewis, acting at its own behest, exacerbated and prejudiced Purolite's case with the US Attorney by making material misrepresentations to a US Customs Service agent, which were used in obtaining a criminal indictment against Purolite and its principals.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-7 December 2001-Visionics fingerprint system to be utilised by US Customs Service (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A woman claiming that she was subjected to a full body search at Newark International Airport because of her race and gender has said she hopes that the US Customs Service will develop frisk guidelines that are not based on racial profiles.
has received purchase orders for its Range 3000 XP4 digital training simulators from the US Customs Service and from the US Federal Protective Service.
was demonstrated to the US Customs Service as capable of detecting plastic explosives.
A past consultant to Olympic Games organizers and the NY State Troopers, CCS holds workshops for local and federal law enforcement agents including Police Departments, the US Customs Service and the Coast Guard.
Computer forensic experts currently or formerly employed with such agencies as US Customs Service, Loudoun County Sheriff's Department and Fairfax County Police, will be on hand to instruct more than 90 sessions in 2001.
This direct link enables Internet users to immediately file complaints of suspected child pornography on the Internet with the NCMEC, which then forwards the complaints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Customs Service, US Postal Inspection Service and local law enforcement agencies, if applicable, for action.
He has also worked to develop Border Control projects for the US Customs Service.
Government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, US Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, US Customs Service, US Mint, and the Secret Service also are using The Work Number to streamline and automate employment and salary verification.
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