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X-Win32 LX allows connection only to those UNIX applications hosted on the local Windows desktop.
Validation of Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle E-Business Suite on Open UNIX 8 are scheduled for completion during the remainder of Q3 and Q4 this year.
Open UNIX 8 is a significant milestone for Caldera to deliver on the commitment to unify UNIX with Linux for business.
Unlike other solutions that require elaborate account synchronization and proprietary protocols, VAS Active Directory provides a single, standardized identity for user names and passwords for Windows, UNIX and Linux logins without having to maintain password synchronizers or perform user-administration tasks on multiple systems.
A preparation course for the Citrix Certified Administrator(TM) (CCA) for MetaFrame for UNIX exam, this course provides UNIX administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform administrative tasks in a MetaFrame environment.
PowerBroker supports Sun, HP, IBM, Digital, Compaq, SGI, Motorola, Linux, Sequent, SCO, and other popular UNIX platforms.
Combined, HP and Compaq had more UNIX server revenue in the first quarter than any other vendor.
By combining the industry's leading UNIX operating system with a broad product portfolio that ranges from the smallest HP blade server to the largest HP Superdome server, HP is providing enterprise customers unmatched value.
During this quarter, HP was the only vendor to grow total UNIX revenue sequentially (4 percent), while the top four UNIX vendors dropped revenue by 15 percent or more.
Nasdaq: CALD), re-announced Monday the validation of Oracle9i(TM) Database for Linux on Caldera Open UNIX 8.