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At 14, Basu became global coordinator for the UN Environmental Programme for Children and Youth.
Each year, the UN Environmental Programme runs several campaigns to get the word out about the World Environment Day theme.
Historically the Sahel has been characterised by strong climatic variations and irregular rainfalls, which pose two of the biggest obstacles to food security and poverty reduction in the region, according to the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP).
The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) has painted a dismal picture of Belize's current sewage-treatment facilities.
Over the last half century," the UN Environmental Programme notes, "the combined effects of population growth, land degradation (deforestation, continuous cropping and overgrazing), reduced and erratic rainfall, lack of coherent environmental policies and misplaced development priorities, have contributed to transform a large proportion of the Sahel into barren land, resulting in the deterioration of the soil and water resources.
Two months ago the Minamata Convention on mercury, a treaty agreed by the UN Environmental Programme, committed itself to reducing mercury use worldwide, including in dentistry.
Among them are the UN Environmental Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature, International Wide Life Fund and Disney Nature.
The UN Environmental Programme said Wednesday that that goal has moved further out of reach and temperatures will rise by 3-5 deg C on current reduction pledges.
Last week the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) released a report showing the gap between what countries have voluntarily pledged to do to cut emissions and what needs to be done to keep global temperature rises below 2C and avoid "dangerous" climate change is even wider than thought - but can be closed with swift action.
I will not copy the UN environmental programme as is; instead I will tailor it according to our needs in Abu Dhabi.
Other UN partners involved in the effort include UNICEF, the UN Environmental Programme, UNESCO and UNDP.
We support the efforts of the UN Environmental Programme and look forward to finding ways that we can improve our own green efforts.
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