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The UN Environment Program just announced the theme of this years event is "sustainable lifestyles".
As it is classed as a POP (persistent organic pollutant) under the UN Environment Program and as a svhc (substance of very high concern) under the REACH regulation the use of HBCD as a flame retardant in the EU will be prohibited as of August 21, 2015 and PolyFR, which is harmless, will be used instead.
19 (ONA) The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) in collaboration with the UN Environment Program, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources and the Gulf Water Society organized a workshop on the Monitoring and Assessment of water Quality at the Arab world.
It has been organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Nature Protection and the State Enterprise for the Caspian Sea together with the Interim Secretariat of the Tehran Convention at the Regional Office of the UN Environment Program for Europe.
The Declaration also called for more cooperation between the African states and China in implementation of projects for enhancing living conditions for the African peoples through popular channels as well as bolstering the cooperation between the Chinese organs and companies and the UN Environment Program for establishing the Chinese - African Model Zone for Environment Conservation.
But, as the UN Environment Program and climate modelers made clear in the run-up to the Cancun meeting, a significant emissions gap exists between what is being promised by countries and what is needed to keep the rise in global temperature below two degrees Celsius, let alone move towards the 1.
The GEF, the world's largest environmental fund, is a partnership with the private sector, NGOs, and 10 international agencies, including the UN Development Program, the UN Environment Program, the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Industrial Development Organization, the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.
The cheetah, which can reach speeds up to 75 mph, is among 21 species named last week by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) as in danger of extinction.
The summit is also supported by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
This international call to save the forests of the planet has been launched by the UN Environment Program, and its objective is to plant one billion trees in the world in 2007.
Klaus Toepfer, executive director of the UN Environment Program, also "praised Russia's recent decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change as an important step in the international fight to check global warming.
The workshop lies in the framework of the draft national anti-desertification action plan, and its compatibility with the 10-year strategic plan of the global Convention, UN Environment Program (UNEP) Dr.
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