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London, Jumada II 6, 1433, Apr 27, 2012, SPA -- UK Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt has welcomed the current visit of Dr.
The UK Foreign Office does not comment on intelligence matters, the said, however , the government is holding an inquiry into claims of detainee rendition.
Summary: Great Britain aims to strengthen its relations with Tunisia, first country of the Arab spring, said Irfan Siddiq, head of the Arab Partnership Department at the UK Foreign Office, at a news conference held on Thursday.
Bishkek has only the office of Department for International Development of the UK Foreign Office. The Ambassador said the UK Embassy in Bishkek won't have the trade office.
The news will be welcome to Jordan's tourism industry which has taken a knock in recent months amid reports of protests in the capital Amman and comes despite the UK Foreign Office describing parts of the country as volatile.
Summary: London - The three-day visit of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the British throne, accompanied by his spouse the Duchess of Cornwall, to Morocco was an opportunity to promote relations between the two countries, the UK Foreign Office said.
The UK Foreign Office said it was investigating reports that several British nationals had been killed.
The UK advised the Scottish government that there were no legal obstacles to allowing the Lockerbie bomber to return to Libya, letters released by the UK foreign office have revealed.
Lord Malloch Brown UK Foreign Office Minister for Africa (AFP)
Even though a court in Pakistan dropped the terror charges last week, the UK foreign office wanted Rauf back in Britain in connection with the murder of his uncle in 2002.
The UK Foreign Office and the BBC said they were investigating the video.
The UK Foreign Office said today that only the Iraqi government and justice system must deal with Abu Omar al-Kurdi.