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The UETA developed four fundamental rules in furtherance of its goal of making electronic transactions as enforceable as transactions memorialized on paper with wet ink signatures.
Smart contracts would also have to comply with all existing federal and state law governing electronic transactions, such as UETA and the E-SIGN Act.
Examples: where the state has enacted the model UETA without provisions that circumvent ESIGN; or where the state law allows an alternative procedure consistent with ESIGN.
at 459 (stating that UETA was one of two electronic statutes adopted in the twentieth century); see also Millstein ET AL.
The ETA 1999 is strikingly similar both in language and approach to the American UETA and Canadian UECA, as it, too, is based on the Model Law.
It took nearly a decade to achieve widespread adoption of UETA among the states, and even longer for insurers to adopt e-commerce practices due in part to regulatory requirements in old insurance laws creating barriers to electronic insurance transactions.
I said: 'I'm just taking these two home', and he had accepted that and was about to wave us on when Ueta intervened.
En el marco de la UETA, el principio de equivalencia funcional se encuentra incluido en la Seccion 7, al indicar que no se negaran efectos juridicos a los mensajes de datos o a las Armas electronicas por el simple hecho de estar representados en formato electronico.
And while New York State's legislature is one of the three not to have passed the UETA, a state appellate court recently concluded that electronically executed agreements have the same effect as those signed on paper.
All states except Illinois, New York and Washington have now adopted some form of UETA.
The UETA contains provisions derived from, among others, the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures and Canadian law.
Section 7002 then provides that UETA, where it applies, will preempt and supersede Section 7001.