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Currently, neither UETA nor E-Sign requires or mandates electronic transactions or signatures; however, this is not to say that they won't sometime in the future.
Record retention requirements are not unique to wireless transactions; rather, two model codes address retention and use of electronic records in business transactions--E-Sign and the UETA.
When UETA and E-SIGN were enacted, the approach was to enact broad statutory provisions without specific technology requirements or specific regulations.
Arguably, E-Sign and UETA now permit franchisors to deliver disclosure documents electronically despite the lack of formal guidance from the FTC and state regulatory bodies, but the consensus among most franchise law practitioners is that it is premature to do so in light of the inherent regulatory uncertainties at this time.
The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) adopted the UETA on July 29, 1999.
Information: Shigekazu Ueta, 4-1-1 Kyomachi, Otsu, Shiga 520-8577, Japan, +81-77-528-3793, fax: +81-77528-4876, e-mail: s-ueta@sho.
First lieutenants Akinobu Ueta, 27, and Koichi Oshima, 26, and securities house employee Richard Beason, 42, allegedly raped the drunken woman in her 30s during a party at Derek's home in Setagaya Ward around 3 a.
UETA is a model set of laws that states are free to accept, reject or alter.
Although two of the leading commercial states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, have adopted versions of UETA, many other states are just beginning to address the issue.
Often called "a cyberspace commercial statute," UETA covers contracts that are generally known as 'shrink-wrap licenses.