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Section 9 of UETA provides rules of attribution for electronic signatures in which any evidence that the signature is the act of a person may be shown, including any security protocol used to verify the signature or assent." Section 16 of UETA provides for "transferable records" as a supplement to the concept of a "note" under Article 3 of the UCC, (100) but requires that such electronic notes be maintained as the sole and unique token of the obligations and rights embodied in the note.
A explicacao para esse fato se deve, em parte, a dificuldade do farmaceutico em traduzir conhecimento formal em atividades e acoes para o publico (Araujo, Ueta, & Freitas, 2005).
The provision preempting conflicting state laws (including laws governing the business of insurance) permits nationwide use of electronic signatures and records and prevents states from enacting laws (including changes to UETA) that conflict with ESIGN.
The ECC itself is based on the Model Law, as well as UETA and UECA to a lesser degree.
As a general rule, if ESIGN and UETA apply to your firm's electronic signature program, then the signatures cannot be denied legal effect solely because they are in electronic form.
Ueta, "Yet Another Chaotic Attractor", International Journal on Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol.
The adoption of both the federal E-Sign Act--officially the Electronic Signatures in Global and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in most US states establish that electronic records and signatures carry the same weight and legal effect as traditional paper documents and handwritten signatures.
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The discovery of the eminent Lorenz system [1] has led to an extensive study of chaotic behaviors in nonlinear systems due to many possible applications in science and technology In the last three decades, many new three-dimension chaotic systems have been proposed, such as Rossler system [2], Chen and Ueta system [3], Lu and Chen system [4], Liu et al.
In 1999, Chen and Ueta found another chaotic system called Chen system, which is similar but topologically nonequivalent to Lorenz system [2].