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The UBD Doctoral Scholarships Programme is open to all international candidates, regardless of nationality, applying for admission to a full time PhD program at Universiti Brunei Darussalarn (UBD) at any time in 2009 or 2010.
Our UBD, electromagnetic MWD, logging- while-drilling (LWD) and rotary steerable technologies, when combined with quality service delivery and an effective drilling program, are key enablers for the economic development of maturing basins.
The creation of the APB was realistic from a staffing point of view, since from 1989 numbers of History, Malay Language, Malay Literature and Islamic Studies graduates of UBD itself, taught by Indonesians and Malaysians, had been coming on stream.
UBD is a drilling technique that reduces the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid, causing the pressure in the wellbore to be less than the formation pressure.
UBD has clients in a broad range of sectors including finance, manufacturing, textiles, construction, hospitals and tourism.
Jihad El Eit, founder and CEO, Man'oushe Street, said: "We are very upbeat with this new franchising agreement with UBD, which is reputed to be one of Qatar's leading restaurant management groups.
Dr Loutfi said: "The joint degree programme is working extremely well and the UBD students are a committed and enthusiastic group who have adjusted well to life in Cardiff and integrate well with the home students.
This collaboration will provide UBD researchers the opportunity to work with world class researchers from IBM's global research laboratories on projects that will analyze and assess the current and future impact of climate change in the ASEAN region.
6 offers added Linux distribution support including SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, application specific support for IBM DB2 UBD v8.
UBD had commenced operations in New Zealand about 1930, and spread to Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth just before World War 2, and Sydney and Melbourne in 1948.
Conduct underbalanced drilling (UBD) operations, select a UBD technique, and build UBD simulators