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Savings bond

A government bond issued in face value denominations from $50 to $10,000, with local and state tax-free interest and semiannually adjusted interest rates.

Savings Bond

In the United States, a non-tradable bond issued by the federal government for savings purposes. A savings bond allows citizens to receive a guaranteed return for their investments and helps raise revenue for the government. There are two types of savings bond in the United States: Series EE and Series I, with the main difference being that Series I bonds have interest rates indexed to inflation. Savings bonds pay coupons semi-annually; they are sold at face value and pay par upon maturity, which is 30 years after purchase. Bonds not held for at least five years are subject to a redemption penalty. Federal taxes on interest are deferred until redemption or maturity. Savings bonds are non-transferable and must be either held or redeemed.

savings bond

A nonmarketable security issued by the U.S. Treasury in relatively small denominations for individual investors. Three categories of bonds are available. Interest on these bonds is exempt from state and local, but not federal, taxation. Also called United States savings bond. See also Series EE savings bond, Series HH savings bond, Series I savings bond.
Do U.S. savings bonds have a place in a portfolio?

Probably not, at least for most serious investors. Higher yields are available in various other government obligations that also offer marketability with no penalties if you want your money. TIP: For a beginning investor or for individuals of modest means, U.S. savings bonds are often a better investment than certificates of deposit, because taxes are not due until the bonds are redeemed.

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