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Ikle, a distinguished scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has had a long and varied career in and out of government: Defense Department official during the presidency of Ronald Reagan; Director for the U.
He began his policy career, sort of, when Paul Wolfowitz recruited him as an intern at the U.
4 Robert Kupperman, Facing Tomorrow's Terrorist Incident Today (Washington, DC: U.
will be represented by Ralph Earle II, deputy director of the U.
It was very easy to identify him as someone out of the ordinary,'' said Spurgeon Keeny, president of the Arms Control Association, who worked with Carnesale at the U.
The combined observing power will probably hinder nations from violating the spirit of the treaty even before it enters into force, says Katherine Magraw of the U.
He went on to become an assistant director of the U.
Yet they will have to gamble that neither the international monitoring system nor the intelligence assets of individual countries will pick up a small detonation, says Amy Sands of the U.
In addition to a long and distinguished career on the administrations and faculties of North Carolina State and Harvard Universities, he has worked in industry, as a senior engineer with Martin Marietta, and in government, as chief of the Defensive Weapons Systems Division of the U.
Both Shultz and another speaker, Ken Adelman, director of the U.
Previously, Salmon was an international economist for the U.
The Soviet team is touring the facility and learning the testing procedures at the site, according to the U.
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