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Finally, we considered a beta-binomial model, because it is most useful in the case of extreme over-dispersion that cannot be addressed with a negative binomial model, such as U-shaped distributions with finite support bounded between 0 and 1.
for U-shaped models while the competitor algorithm consumed 39.
Women with a U-shaped funnel also were found to have the greatest benefit from cerclage.
The relationship between selenium status and prostatic DNA damage was indeed U-shaped, thus presenting the first data that, at least for selenium and a cancer-associated process in the prostate, Mertz was right.
Mechanical part of the structure under investigation consists of a number of periodically arranged in longitudinal direction U-shaped structural elements (Fig.
8 mm) 2 BN BN BN 7 BN BNF BN 11 BN BN BN 14 BNF BN BN U-Shaped Bypass Filter MERV Rating Gap: 0.
UNIQUE: The new door opening arrangement on the Vauxhall Meriva concept model, it also has a U-shaped panoramic windscreen
The U-shaped aluminum alloy component is hydroformed and attached to aluminum alloy corner brackets.
While in motion, the patient's sense of security is enhanced by safety and comfort features: adjustable handgrips for a firm hold, the U-shaped support table for leaning on, and back/suspension straps to prevent falling.
Set entirely on the grounds of a five-story, U-shaped apartment complex called The Cove, ``Lady'' features Paul Giamatti as the stuttering building superintendent, Cleveland Heep.
A U-shaped cooling channel is incorporated in the mold to facilitate better heat transfer.
To give the new plant its best chance, peg down the runner using a U-shaped piece of wire and improve the soil beneath the mini plant on the runner.