two-sided market

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Two-sided market

A market in which both bid and asked prices, good for the standard unit of trading, are quoted. When customers or market makers are lined up on both sides (buy and sell) of a stock.

Two-Way Market

A market for a security where both an open bid and an open ask are quoted. This indicates that there are both willing buyers and sellers for the security, though their prices may not be the same. While a two-way market is not necessarily liquid, it is by definition more liquid than a one-way market, where there is either no willing buyer or no willing seller currently available. It is also called a two-sided market.

two-sided market

The market for a security in which a bid price and an ask price are both quoted. Also called two-way market. Compare one-sided market.
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PayJoys software enables the emergence of a two-sided market place that brings together institutional third-party lenders and thin-file consumers.
Crowdfunding platforms may be categorized as a two-sided market for it intermediates two groups of economic agents (project owners and contributors) that generate network effects on each other: project owners benefit from using a platform that attracts the greatest number of contributors potentially interested in their proposition, and potential contributors profit from using a platform with the highest number of propositions due to the greater probability of finding projects fitting their preferences.
The legal challenges to the Durbin Amendment require understanding that debit (and credit) card systems are organized as part of a two-sided market.
An example of a two-sided market is a manufacturer of videogame consoles.
American Express (Amex) case, which found that Amex operated in a two-sided market in which contract provisions were designed to protect competition by ensuring that one side of the market (merchants) did not discriminate against the defendants customers on the other side of the platform (cardholders).
One explanation for this substitution is that as platforms in a two-sided market, NGOs allocate some of the costs of aid provision to donors, allowing NGOs to provide aid at a price below the competitive market price.
and the EU) may not see consumer harm, even though search is better seen as a two-sided market, in which advertisers not users form the other side.
The merger is expected to strengthen Ciox's ability to facilitate the management and exchange of protected health information through a two-sided market.
Gifford and Kudrle's chapter on Microsoft could have served as a springboard to discuss two-sided market analysis in tech markets.
5) At some point, stakeholders--economic consultants, lawyers, lobbyists, and governments--will invite antitrust agencies, courts, and regulators to pass judgment on two-sided market arguments.
With this two-sided market, buyers are unhappy with their seat location and are willing to pay to swap for a desired seat.