turnover rate

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Turnover rate

Measures trading activity during a particular period. Portfolios with high turnover rates incur higher transaction costs and are more likely to distribute capital gains, which are taxable to nonretirement accounts.
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Turnover Rate

The ratio at which a fund or portfolio trades the securities in it. A higher turnover rate indicates active management; if it becomes very high, this may indicate that the broker or manager is trading securities for the sake of collecting more in fees. It is calculated as the trading volume of the fund or portfolio as a percentage of the entire portfolio. See also: Prudent person rule.
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turnover rate

1. The trading volume in a particular stock during a time period (generally one year) as a percentage of the total number of shares of that stock outstanding. The turnover rate adjusts for the differences in outstanding shares and provides a measure of the relative activity in a stock.
2. For an investment company, the volume of shares traded as a percentage of the number of shares in the company's portfolio. A high turnover rate may indicate excessive trading and commissions.
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turnover rate

The rate at which tenants or clients depart and are replaced.

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Three of the four additional regressors--total net asset, age and turnover ratio --seem to be economically insignificant.
Here, we are seeing that monetary policy has different impacts on high leverage and low leverage firms' inventory turnover ratios.
On the one hand, the most profitable companies reduce their fixed asset ratios by means of lower tangible asset ratios, which imply that they achieve higher turnover ratio and better levels of efficiency in the production.
Alternatively, increasing the frequency and reducing the size of your restocking orders may improve your turnover ratio.
Working cycle and turnover ratio are high in terms of debtors (34.14 days) as well as creditors (98.85 days).
I find no significant increase in the market adjusted turnover ratio of the matching firms during the time periods surrounding the index addition announcement date or effective date.
Other commodity groups which do less processing--such as poultry/livestock cooperatives--have higher fixed asset turnover ratios. In 2003, poultry/livestock co-op turnover ratio was 31.43, up from 30.30 in 2002.
* The study found no definitive link between turnover ratios and the impact on an organization's financial performance.
If increasing a station's share of audience were simply a matter of attracting more viewers, one would expect that turnover ratios would remain constant (cume and AQH would increase in the same proportion).
The test results indicated that the mean difference between inventory turnover ratios for the pre- and post-adoption periods was statistically significant when the three- and four-year-average ratios were compared.