turnover rate

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Turnover rate

Measures trading activity during a particular period. Portfolios with high turnover rates incur higher transaction costs and are more likely to distribute capital gains, which are taxable to nonretirement accounts.
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Turnover Rate

The ratio at which a fund or portfolio trades the securities in it. A higher turnover rate indicates active management; if it becomes very high, this may indicate that the broker or manager is trading securities for the sake of collecting more in fees. It is calculated as the trading volume of the fund or portfolio as a percentage of the entire portfolio. See also: Prudent person rule.
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turnover rate

1. The trading volume in a particular stock during a time period (generally one year) as a percentage of the total number of shares of that stock outstanding. The turnover rate adjusts for the differences in outstanding shares and provides a measure of the relative activity in a stock.
2. For an investment company, the volume of shares traded as a percentage of the number of shares in the company's portfolio. A high turnover rate may indicate excessive trading and commissions.
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turnover rate

The rate at which tenants or clients depart and are replaced.

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Forestry and fishing sector posted the highest turnover rate during the quarter at 2.5 percent as accessions greatly outpaced separation at rates of 6.
Since POC was closely related to total carbon content for our soils, it is unsurprising that total and POC were the best determinants of respiration and turnover rates both early and late in the incubation.
Among the various sectors of the Brazilian economy, retailing is one of those that generates most concern regarding the possibility of underutilization of capacity, both with respect to its size and employee turnover rate. According to the MTE, in 2010 the sector accounted for 19% of the total number of layoffs/resignations, or about 8.4 million jobs.
Section VI evaluates the model empirically and presents evidence that export intensity varies according to labor market turnover rates. The final section concludes.
Nurse managers did not challenge flexible staffing practices and high turnover rates, the study said.
The latest figures show the turnover rate stands at 88 percent for the fourth quarter of 2011, which was down 1 percentage point from the previous quarter.
Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Howard Baldwin told lawmakers that he had assumed his role at the hearing was to lay out the existing problems before a second panel - made up with representatives from the Fannin County Children's Center, the Center for Public Policy Priorities and TexProtects - outlined the dangers of running at such high turnover rates and the need for more resources to reduce caseloads.
The teacher turnover rate has been documented in research for more than 20 years, and this turnover rate is especially evident in the child care field.
These ingredients will also serve to trim the exponential turnover rates.
We measured speculative trading by total turnover rates. When total turnover rate is higher, investors trade more actively because they can obtain market information from the Internet.
Correct and specific measurement of the turnover issue is the first step in the journey to significantly lower employee turnover rates. Almost all call centers miss this crucial point.