Turnaround time

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Turnaround time

Time available or needed to effect a turnaround.

Turnaround Time

1. The time it takes for share prices that had been declining to begin to improve. For example, if a publicly-traded company has been in a prolonged bear market, but its share price eventually stabilizes and begins to move back up, the turnaround time describes the entire duration of this process.

2. The time it takes for an unprofitable company to begin to become profitable. For example, if a company has been posting losses, but it restructures and becomes profitable, the turnaround time describes the entire duration of this process.

3. In supply chain management, the amount of time between a supplier receiving an order and its delivery to the distributor or customer. This is important for both custom-made products and mass production, and suppliers are expected to know the lead times for their different products. It is particularly important for just-in-time supply chains, in which each step in the supply chain is expected to know precise turnaround time. It is also known as lead time.
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Taking these needs seriously, owners Chandra Clarke and Terence Johnson have responded with the creation of the four-hour turnaround time to better assist those in need of last-minute revisions.
18,19) The overall shorter turnaround times for nongynecologic cytology seen in this study (Table 8), when compared to the previous Q-Probes study of gynecology cytology, (11) is probably related in part to a difference in case priority.
We wanted to determine the effects of point-of-care blood separation on turnaround time.
Specifically, there was 59-percent reduction in the average turnaround time -- from 89.
At the beginning of the 1980s, average laboratory turnaround time often satisfied clinicians and nurses.
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Drake Precision Dental Laboratory, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, "The reduction in turnaround times on Atlantis abutments allows Drake Dental Lab to provide an already consistent product at a greater level of service.
With immediate access to Quartz DRC and the TSMC-specific design rule decks, designers can achieve significantly faster turnaround times on devices targeted to TSMC's manufacturing process.
Our clients expect very quick turnaround times, especially when we're producing dailies," said Michael Rebel, data manager, Modern VideoFilm.
Physicians at Advocate Health Care, the largest fully integrated, not-for-profit healthcare delivery system in metropolitan Chicago and the state of Illinois, have begun to use PowerScribe(R), powerful speech recognition technology from Dictaphone that dramatically reduces both report turnaround times and transcription costs.
While many transcription companies and facilities are struggling to meet aggressive turnaround times and find qualified medical transcriptionists, Spheris has embarked on a strategic plan to further develop its solution offerings and network of resources.
The target requires that the diagnostic phase of the patient journey be as quick as possible, as delays in report turnaround times slow the patients' journey toward treatment.
Physicians can dictate, self-complete recognized text and electronically sign reports from any Internet-connected PC, giving them "once-and-done" control over the report creation process and dramatically reducing report turnaround times in even the most demanding environments.