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Securities bought and sold for settlement on the same day. Also describes a firm that has been performing poorly, but changes its financial course and improves its performance.


1. A change in a security's price trend, especially from a downtrend to an uptrend. See also: Reversal.

2. A change in a company's situation from one of losses or low profitability to one with higher profits.

3. To buy a security, then to sell in the same trading day. See also: Day trader.


1. The process of moving from a period of losses or low profitability into a more profitable stage. A turnaround may be triggered by a number of factors including a better use of assets or the development of new products and services.
2. A security that is in the process of reversing a declining price trend.
3. The purchase and sale of a security on the same day.
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They have the most frequent incidences of decline and the most need for a turnaround.
Some of these benefits include performing turnarounds in a structured manner, allowing the repetition of restructuring management methods, and problems to be encountered are indicated early throughout the turnaround process.
RDS takes an entrepreneurial approach to directing challenging turnarounds requiring multi-disciplined experience in forensic accounting, legal disputes, core development, construction, marketing and property management.
The attraction of cleaning a flash-encapsulated system in-house rather than sending it out is the expectation of faster turnaround and lower cost.
The main gripe of turnaround professionals is that they are rarely called in early enough, when fundamental problems can be fixed most quickly and cost-effectively.
Moody's lauded the hospital's attempts to make a financial turnaround with the help of consultant The Camden Group, but said management efforts will be hampered by dissension among board members.
However, most banks will not be willing to commit additional funds unless the turnaround plan is valid and based on realistic projection of a business's ability to support itself after the turnaround.
The turnaround professional is a specialist who focuses on the rapid analysis and treatment of business problems and, whenever possible, the restoration of profitability.
Assuming that bankruptcy is not imminent, the answer I give is to ignite a turnaround.
Khandwalla: Turnaround Excellence: Insights from 120 Cases.