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It is also expected that navigation between the divergent cycles of the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank will alleviate some downward pressures on the Tunisian dinar and contain pressures on imported consumer prices; thereby allowing greater flexibility in exchange rates.
The statement cited Tunisian Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Bin Salem as saying that he appreciates Egyptian-Tunisian relations which is why he intervened to reduce the fine from 200,000 Tunisian dinars to 100,000.
I looked at the bank receipt after I left the bank and I was shocked to see the six zeros that took the deposited amount to 120 million Tunisian dinars," he said.
Japan funded 41 projects amounting to 6 billion Tunisian dinars in several priority areas notably agriculture, environment and infrastructure.
MANAMA: Al Baraka Bank Tunisia, a subsidiary banking unit of Al Baraka Banking Group, announced that first quarter net income jumped by 100 per cent to reach four million Tunisian dinars ($2.
4 billion Tunisian dinars to Tunisia for new projects and programs.
Summary: Japanese Embassador, Toshiyuki Taga, is meeting with Tunisian Secretary General in charge of American and Asian affairs, Hedi Ben Abbes, today Januaray 25th, to sign a cooperation contract that will provide the Tunisian government the of 358 million Tunisian Dinars (237 million USD) in loans.
Tunisia, 17 Sept: The total of 4380 corporations have participated in the Tunisian industrial rehabilitation plan from early 2009 until late August with total investment of about 5 billion Tunisian dinars ($3.
The Bank for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (BFPME) has signed an agreement with the Qatar Friendship Fund for a donation of 15 million Tunisian dinars.
State-controlled Qatar Telecom said on Monday it will pay 205 million Tunisian dinars ($131 million) for the licenses.
Summary: Head of the National Commission tasked with examining corruption Abdelfattah Amor gave a news conference here on Wednesday saying that the commission members were carrying on their investigations in the ousted President's Sidi Dhrif palace , and discovered large amounts of money recently, including 27 million US dollars, that is about 40 million Tunisian dinars.