fixed trust

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Fixed trust

A unit investment trust consisting of securities that were agreed upon at the time of investment and are held for the duration of the trust.

Unit Investment Trust

An investment company that offers an unmanaged portfolio of stocks and/or bonds, packaging the portfolio as shares that are redeemable from the trust after a certain period of time. Unit investment trusts are designed to give shareholders income from dividends and/or coupons. See also: Mutual fund.

fixed trust

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The state's Trust Modernization and Competitiveness Act, enacted in 2006, was the first big rewrite of trust laws in years, and lawyers and lawmakers have continued to tinker with it in succeeding legislative sessions, except this current one, because "nothing is really required right now," said Ardinger.
The committees also will hold two public forums to solicit comments regarding the report: May 27 in conjunction with the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section meetings being held on that date, and June 24 in conjunction with the Business Law Section meetings being held on that date.
Mr Gans is the regular editor for trusts and estates articles submitted to The Florida Bar Journal on behalf of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section.
For example, see Bermuda's purpose trust law,(4) the Cayman Islands' STAR trusts legislation,(5) and Jersey's statutory trust law,(6) all of which exclude trusts of land situated in their respective countries.
Before June, the trust law issue will be investigated and its outcome reported to General Assembly.
The trust law of some foreign jurisdictions is simply more protective than domestic trust law.
And trust law says that the beneficiary doesn't vote the assets, or else a company is dismantling the trust.
Candidates for election to the College must meet rigorous eligibility criteria including, but not limited to, demonstrated skill and significant contributions to the field of trust and estate law and no less than ten years experience in the active private practice of probate and trust law or estate planning.
Al Tajer highlighted that such schemes, when established, will benefit from the utilisation of the Financial Trust Law.
Called Two Seas Trust, the business will offer personal and corporate trust services under Bahraini Trust Law, to the increasing number of corporates and ultra high net worth individuals in the Middle East who are seeking to take advantage of the flexibility and confidentiality of the trust concept.
FLASH--Florida Attorneys Saving Homes--is a collaborative effort of The Florida Bar, The Florida Bar Foundation, Florida Legal Services, and the Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section designed to provide pro bono assistance to distressed homeowers.
Shepherd, co-chair of Venable LLP's Real Estate Practice Group and a partner in its Baltimore office, began his one-year term effective as chair of the American Bar Association's Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law.