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While single DES encrypts a PIN number once upon entering, Triple DES encrypts it, decrypts it and then encrypts it again for added security -- all with the goal of protecting consumer credit card data from a hacker or breach of security.
The high-end Atalla A10100 NSP provides 540 Triple DES PIN translates per second, while the mid-range Atalla A9100 NSP offers 120 Triple DES PIN translates per second and the entry-level Atalla A8100 NSP provides 20 Triple DES PIN translates per second.
The number of products worldwide that implemented the NIST Data Encryption Standard (DES), including Triple DES, grew rapidly from 1999 through June 2001, but leveled off by December 2001.
Genesis is a small hardware product, also known as a transaction authentication device, which encrypts information to a security level called Triple DES before transmission over the Internet.
The AN-IC features support for triple DES encryption and public key infrastructure, and delivers higher performance than software-based firewalls through the use of a custom-built ASIC.
JMango 360 now employs some of the toughest security measures in the industry, including encryption via AES and Triple DES as well as being set up for PCI compliance.
The new Datacryptor AP 100Mbps IP provides the strongest encryption technology available commercially, using Triple DES (168-bit key) or Rijndael - AES (128, 192, and 256-bit) algorithms as standard offerings.
Both CryptoStor models encrypt data using standard triple DES or AES algorithms at the block level, preserving transport information to ensure compatibility with leading applications, switches, storage devices and backup system CryptoStor for Tape work with tape backup software from Veritas, Legato, HP an Computer Associates (Tivoli TSM is slated for support in future release, according to the vendor).
have published a draft security specification proposing the first global interoperable method for triple DES (3DES) session key management.
MegaPath VPN service is installed, monitored and maintained by MegaPath and will enable customers to establish up to several thousand IP Security (IPSec) VPN tunnels using up to 168-bit Triple DES encryption over MegaPath's broadband access network.
Private industry, especially the banking and financial services sectors, uses DES and Triple DES to protect vital electronic transactions.