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Analysts advise trend following, anticipating further downside progress, assuming that both the Fed remains on its overall dovish course and that U.S.-Iran tensions remain elevated, which should in turn keep oil prices underpinned.
Meanwhile, current prices of Filipinos' main staple continued to be on a downward trend following the ongoing arrival of imports and the recently concluded harvest season.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 16 (ANI): After witnessing a hike for the past couple of days, the petrol prices witnessed a marginal drop of 8 paise on Wednesday in the national capital while diesel rates continued its upward trend following a hike of 12 paise.
ACTIVITIES closed for the week on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on a positive trend following gains recorded by some highly capitalised stocks after two consecutive days losses.
Valieva, talking to Trend following her performance, voiced hope to reach the final.
Maintaining the overall gaining trend following the announcement of hike in foreign ownership limit (FOL) by blue chip companies like Qatar National Bank and Industries Qatar in the beginning of the week, Qatari stocks closed the week on a higher note.
"The rates although remaining range bound at eight per cent, 10.4 per cent and 11.10 per cent on the 91-day, 182-day and 364-day respectively, have taken on a downward trend following the direction taken by the medium and short term portion of the yield curve," said Genghis Capital.
VMOT will hold the four flagship funds of Alpha Architect (QVAL, QMOM, IMOM, and IVAL) and also deploy a trend following system overlay, all for zero management fees beyond the underlying ETF expense ratios.
There are many strategies that fall under the managed futures label, with the most common approach being trend following; that is, buying assets that are trending higher and shorting assets that are trending lower.
361 Capital uses a unique approach to managed futures -- using both trend following and counter-trend strategies in its managed futures funds.
But it would be unfair to lay the blame at the Dubliner's door, when in fact it was only the most recent miserable effort in a trend following the sole success in the Caribbean in 2010.