Treasury bonds

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Treasury bonds

Debt obligations of the US Treasury that have maturities of more than 10 years.

U.S. Treasury Bond

A debt security backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government with a maturity of more than 10 years. They may be purchased directly from the government or from a bank; they have coupon payments payable every six months. Treasury bonds may be bought competitively or non-competitively. In a non-competitive transaction, one takes the interest rate he/she is given on a T-bond. In competitive investing, one bids on a desired yield, but this does not mean it will be accepted. Treasury bonds are low-risk, low-return investments. The minimum purchase is $1,000 and the maximum is $5 million in non-competitive bidding or 35% of the offering in competitive. They are known informally as T-bonds. See also: Treasury bill, Treasury note.
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The ETNs are senior unsecured obligations issued by Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch, linked to the month-over-month performance of a total return version of the DB Long US Treasury Bond Futures Index or the DB Short US Treasury Bond Futures Index.
This is done by offering parties that own foreign currency, not subject to repatriation requirements, the opportunity to purchase long-term Treasury bonds.
It is unclear whether the reduction will continue because the amount is so small, but the cut signals caution of governments or institutions toward US Treasury bonds," Zhang Bin, researcher with the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government think tank.
The official has revealed a plan to embrace the capital markets by the next and to lend this money to the government through the buying of treasury bonds.
Al Mostafa, economic expert and CFO at Elsewedy Cables Corporation, said treasury bonds are considered safe investments to banks because they are guaranteed by the government.
The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) on Thursday announced that the amount JD50 million is the value of the new six-month Treasury Bonds.
The central bank has auctioned three-year treasury bonds in an offering worth JOD100m.
That is, yields for these types of bonds are extremely high compared with Treasury bonds.
Treasury bonds fell 14 percent, the biggest downturn since 1987.
The calendar shows a 180 billion FCfa bond release will be held in June 2014, which is the total amount approved by the 2014 Finance Act for Treasury bonds.
The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) on Wednesday announced that the amount JD50 million is the value of on the new Treasury Bonds.

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