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The Bureau of Treasury (BTr) rejected some of the bids at yesterday's treasury bill auction to cap yield increases amid a sharp rise in November inflation and expectations of a US rate increase this month.
The currency strengthened on Tuesday as some banks trimmed their dollar positions in anticipation of strong appetite from foreign investors for this week's Treasury bill auction, traders said.
Yields in Qatar's Treasury bill auction fell on Tuesday to their lowest level since at least October 2012 as demand increased to its highest in as many months, central bank data showed.
69 billion) in a treasury bill auction held after the country's bailout lenders approved the payment of a new batch of rescue loans.
Still, in signs of growing investor caution, Ljubljana raised far less funding than planned and at higher costs at a treasury bill auction held after the OECD report and investors pushed the cost of insuring Slovenia's debt higher.
3 billion euros (PS1 million) in a three-month treasury bill auction with demand to spare.
Portugal: Government reassures creditors but angers population: Portugal, which is under a bailout programme, conducted, on 19 September, a 'successful' treasury bill auction - a sign of investor confidence.
Dealers said they were awaiting the result of a treasury bill auction, due to be released on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) reduced the size of its treasury bill auction yesterday, as yields surged to their highest level since the 2008 global economic crisis, according to Reuters.
005 billion) Egyptian treasury bill auction on Thursday but traders said rates were likely to stay close to recent highs because of political tensions and the small number of buyers.
88% in May 2010 and the last 6-month Treasury Bill auction went at a yield of 2.
09 billion USD) of Treasury bills in a 182-day reference Treasury bill auction.