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Transparent Market

Any market where all relevant information is fully and freely available to the public. Nearly every analyst agrees that transparent markets are desirable and lead to greater efficiency. Laws and regulations exist in most jurisdictions encouraging or mandating transparency. For example, the SEC requires disclosure forms declaring a great many different actions when or immediately after they occur. Likewise, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is designed to increase transparency in accounting. A minority view holds that these laws and regulations intended to create transparent markets in fact reduce efficiency. Others contend that markets are efficient with or without transparency. See also: Efficient Market Hypothesis.
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transparent market

A market in which current quotation and trade information is readily available to the public.
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"These trends have been emulated in other states of the Gulf, most notably Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, the second and third most transparent markets of the region respectively.
Each market is classified as being in one of five tiers ranging from CyTier 1CO for highly transparent markets, down to CyTier 5CO for markets defined by the report as CyopaqueCO.
Commercial real estate markets around the world have become increasingly transparent over the past two years, with Australia, the United States and New Zealand cited as the most transparent markets, according to Chicago-based Jones Lang LaSalle.
It wants governments to "raise awareness, consider soft factors, support mentoring and organise transparent markets for business transfers." Such transfers "generally require more financial funds than a start-up" it comments.
While America has been joined by China as an engine of growth in the region, we need to ensure open and transparent markets. As China continues to incorporate itself more fully into the global system, we intend to work with China bilaterally and in the context of its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments to address outstanding concerns related to that ongoing integration effort, particularly on issues such as intellectual property rights, financial sector reform and improved market access.
Other things being equal, it seems likely that more mature, transparent markets in stable countries - such as Hong Kong and Singapore - will recover faster.
Transparent markets also help reduce opportunities for speculation or abuse by those who would make unreasonable profits.
Its president Christoph Leitl emphasised the need for the Commission to ensure that member states implement the ad hoc measures to provide better financial conditions and transparent markets and a more transfer-friendly tax system."Many transfers fail because owners are not prepared in time," said Mr Leitl, adding that member states must raise awareness and provide advice and mentoring in the challenging transfer stage.
They sought to promote genuine energy co-operation through security of supply, competitive and transparent markets, and the development of common-interest infrastructure projects.
According to According to JLL's 2018 Transparency Index, the top 10 most transparent markets are the UK, Australia, US, France, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland and Sweden.
Based on the report, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States held the top positions and were said to be 'taking real estate transparency to a new level; making improvements that go beyond other transparent markets, particularly in the granularity, quality, frequency and geographical spread of performance measurement, valuations and market fundamentals data, which now also extend to niche property sectors.'

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