Transition phase

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Transition phase

A stage of development when a company begins to mature and its earnings decelerate to the rate of growth of the economy as a whole. Related: Three-phase DDM.

Transition Phase

A stage in a company's life cycle where growth slows to the growth rate of the economy at large. This is marked by a slowdown in earnings growth and often results in a change to the company's dividend policy. See also: Growth phase, Maturity phase, Three-phase DDM.
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We believe that this forum will enable key players in the Middle East ICT industry gain and share valuable insights which will help them navigate this transition phase of digitalization and benefit the region as a whole.
Any transition phase is inevitable in life and it is up to you to take the phase as a threat or challenge.
Overall, the budget presented during the transition phase of tax reforms is giving some time to the government to plan and bring positive development for the Indian Economy.
The transition phase followed, where meetings occurred first biweekly and then monthly.
Amid the transition phase, the FSIS will examine chosen deliveries of imported catfish and their products.
It is the brightest and most distant of about a half dozen active galactic nuclei (ACN) that have been caught in this short transition phase.
At the meeting, al-Saidi hailed the Yemeni-French relations, affirming the importance of continuing the international support for Yemen in order to success the transition phase and facing the security and economic challenges.
Masum confirmed, during his meeting with al-Mashhadani, and his accompanying delegation, at his office in Baghdad, according to the website of the PUK , that Iraq is in serious transition phase and need for concerting efforts by all political forces to pass this critical phase and the formation of a broad-based government, noting "the need to find a solution to the overall basic problems.
Results indicated that higher stresses occurred during the transition phase of change in modulus.
Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi highlighted the role of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member States to get rid of Yemen's crises, through the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism executive, stressing that the GCC is the key partner for change and success of the transition phase in Yemen.
Qasim further said that a transition phase may happen with any team, adding that handling a transition phase was difficult for all teams in cricket, irrespective of their past performances.
The third transition phase began in May and ended Monday.

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