Transition phase

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Transition phase

A stage of development when a company begins to mature and its earnings decelerate to the rate of growth of the economy as a whole. Related: Three-phase DDM.

Transition Phase

A stage in a company's life cycle where growth slows to the growth rate of the economy at large. This is marked by a slowdown in earnings growth and often results in a change to the company's dividend policy. See also: Growth phase, Maturity phase, Three-phase DDM.
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The two sides underlined the importance of the continuation of the regional and international support to the political process and the transition phases included in the GCC-brokered initiative and its executive mechanism.
An increase in radial stress was observed only in the transition phases as seen in Figure 3.
Support for students needs to be allocated appropriately during the different transition phases.
Part II discusses drafting issues with an emphasis on means-plus-function claims, transition phases, and how to satisfy the requirements of 35 U.
Launched in January 2003, GPS delivers comprehensive investment advice and discretionary managed accounts services to individual participants in employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plans - principally in the accumulation and transition phases of retirement planning.

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