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Mashreq was a logical choice to partner with on this initiative, as the bank has a long history of embracing technology to drive innovation and remain ahead of the digital transformation curve. Mashreq Bank's vision is to bring those innovations into the corporate world, and the bank is dedicated to delivering next-generation digital banking experiences.
But a similar number -- 82 percent -- thought that not enough was being done to get ahead of the digital transformation curve. They can see the challenge, but do not know how to tackle it.
14 where the indicated transformation curve corresponds to a specimen whose heating cycle was interrupted at 71.6o C and held at this temperature 6 hr.
"In this age of intelligence, businesses are increasingly recognising the opportunities created by digital disruption and the need to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. Avaya Engage presents the perfect platform for our customer and partner ecosystem to come together, experience the future and equip themselves with innovative engagement solutions, delivered by the latest technology," said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific, Avaya.
By leveraging our vertical industry focus, expertise and innovative technology solutions, operators today can take charge of their own transformation curve, and position themselves effectively against global competitors.
Further, the isothermal transformation curve of both the regular aging and the LDEPC added aging can be derived to reflect the effects of pulse current intuitively.
Even though there may be accelerated motion during observation, the phase transformation curve caused by motion should be continuous and smooth because of the inertial of the target.
It needs to expand its footprint in more virgin territories and Africa, on its current transformation curve, offers one of the best possibilities.
time curve intersected the transformation curve and just touched the curve in the calculated maximum cases (Fig.
After his painstaking elaboration of diminishing returns to labor leading to the theory of rent in chapter 2 of his Principles, Ricardo would have had little reason to argue that an economy's production possibility frontier is a straight line, choosing instead a production structure marked by diminishing returns to labor in agriculture that lead to a concave transformation curve. However, in this lecture he decides for pedagogical reasons to make a gradual transition to the latter by starting, as a temporary working hypothesis, with the linear "Ricardian" production model familiar to students of present-day textbooks.

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