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A deed is a written document that transfers ownership of land or other real estate from the owner, also known as the grantor, to the buyer, or grantee.

The form a deed takes varies from place to place, but the overall structure and the provisions it contains are the same. The description of the property being transferred is always included.

When you use a mortgage to purchase the property that's being transferred by deed, you may receive the deed at the time of purchase, with the lender holding a lien on the property. Or the deed may belong to the lender until you have paid off the mortgage.

In either case, a deed's creation must be witnessed and should be recorded with the appropriate local authority to ensure its validity.


A written document properly signed,acknowledged,and delivered,and bearing a description of specific property and words of conveyance for that property.

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8 ( ANI ): The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for treating 50:50 joint ownership metro rail companies like DMRC at par with CPSUs for transfer of land.
WORK at the Khan Market parking lot, one of the most anticipated projects in the Capital, may begin with the New Delhi Municipal Council ( NDMC) expecting the formal transfer of land from the land and development office within the next 45 days.
I have recently been informed that it would be given in a transfer of land.
At the heart of this process was the transfer of land.
On September 2017, The Union Cabinet has given its approval for permanent transfer of land by Airports Authority of India (AAI) to Lucknow Metro Rail Corportion (LMRC).
Since layout plan approval CDA had been asking the sponsor to submit their mortgage Deed / Transfer Deed for requisite land and submission of requisite processing fee for mortgage and transfer of land.
According to media reports, Special Education Divisional Officer Rawalpindi Dr Fozia Khursheed said during this year the process of transfer of land, PC one and determination of suitable places for establishment of these educational institutions will be completed while the construction work will be carried out this year soon after funds are provided.
The transfer of land will help in the widening of the Meethapur - Jaithpur Link Road from Mathura Road on National Highway-12, to ease traffic congestion in South Delhi
The petition pointed out that the Meghalaya Transfer of Land ( Regulation) Act restricted transfer of land to nontribals but the company had managed to violate the law, in collusion with lower level authorities.

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