Transaction fee

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Transaction fee

A charge an intermediary, such as a broker-dealer or a bank, assesses for assisting in the sale or purchase of a security.

Transaction Fee

A fee that a broker-dealer assesses on a client for the service of filling an order. Usually, the transaction fee is a percentage of the value of the transaction, but sometimes it is a flat rate, such as two cents per share or seven dollars per trade.
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If a merchant is processing very low average tickets, under $10, the transaction fees do add up.
The amount of the discount specified in% of total transaction fees payable for the issue of all
Every year, millions of dirhams in tuition fees go towards paying credit card transaction fees charged by banks; we believe those sums are better used in educating our students.
Barclays will introduce a 'one per day' cap on its PS8 paid and unpaid transaction fees in the coming weeks which it said will help customers save around PS7m this year.
The European Union is said to be planning to implement a draft to put a limit on the card transaction fees on all consumer debit and credit card transactions.
There are credit cards that charge no transaction fees when you use them abroad.
If you're spending $2,000 per month abroad on your card, for example, you'd save $60 in foreign transaction fees each month.
Transaction fees and related invoice reconciliation are a highly fragmented and manual process, creating significant control and processing inefficiencies and introducing additional risk and cost to all participants.
On average, an American store owner will actually pay nearly twice as much in transaction fees as they earn in profits, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores 2007 State of the Industry data.
Before the system of transaction fees set in on November 1, the agents' commissions transla-ted into discounts for passengers.
Wal-Mart was reacting to higher transaction fees announced by Interlink last month.

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