Transaction fee

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Transaction fee

A charge an intermediary, such as a broker-dealer or a bank, assesses for assisting in the sale or purchase of a security.

Transaction Fee

A fee that a broker-dealer assesses on a client for the service of filling an order. Usually, the transaction fee is a percentage of the value of the transaction, but sometimes it is a flat rate, such as two cents per share or seven dollars per trade.
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The recent rise in transaction charges have had limited impact on the market, with most buyers recognising that they have moved in line with most global cities, according to a statement.
It is proposed to provide income tax ( I- T) benefits to persons who pay through debit or credit cards, and drop transaction charges for purchase of petrol, gas and railway tickets.
No details have been revealed concerning when the innovation fee will be introduced, or which government agencies will add it to their transaction charges.
Stephen King, chairman of Hudders-field Town Supporters' Association, said booking fees and transaction charges were common and charges for concert tickets tended to be much higher.
The bank's present current account has no transaction charges as long as a minimum EUR1,500 is retained in it each month.
3% of the gross transaction charges received by MCX on a monthly basis .
As a differentiated proposition, YES BANK is offering best in class exchange rates with NIL transaction charges on all the remittances.
Notably, no transaction charges are deducted from the Baraem account.
Private sector banks, however, remain non-committal on removing electronic transaction charges.
The change means up to 60% of AIB's personal current accounts - around 900,000 - will be liable for transaction charges.
See the table at the end of the press release for updated estimates of 2012 interest expense and transaction charges.
Their inability to manage their cash properly has resulted in 23 per cent having to withdraw emergency funds from a cash machine at their destination, incurring extortionate transaction charges as a result.

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