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In fact, STeX aims to become one of the largest providers of crypto asset liquidity by adopting a wide range of traditional financial instruments such as futures and options, together with trading tools: from trailing stop loss orders to take profit orders; and deploying sophisticated HTF market-making algorithms to power the system.
Previous studies such as Davidsson (2010) has shown that a trailing stop loss represent a natural tool for a trend following investor because as long as the trend is intact the trailing stop loss is not triggered.
A trend following strategy (conditional risk adjusted expected return) will have lower return volatility hence a trailing stop loss would be more appropriate to capture changes in expected returns.
We started this paper by investigating a simple trading strategy where we entered a long position in all stocks that were available and we exited such positions by using a simple trailing stop loss. We say that such strategy had a positive expected return.
The Conditional Orders platform features a selection of four advanced facilities - simple conditional orders, trailing stop loss orders, bracket orders and straddle orders - and requires very simple steps to complete.
Trailing stop loss orders and bracket orders are designed to help clients minimise possible losses and maximise possible gains.