Traditional view

Traditional view (of dividend policy)

An argument that, "within reason," investors prefer higher dividends to lower dividends because the dividend is sure but future capital gains are uncertain.
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SIR - The Bible, modern life and gay marriage: it is vital to understand that those in the Church in Wales who wish to keep the traditional view of marriage are not being anti-gay, homophobic, living in the past etc.
Author Julian Spalding rejects the traditional view that Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands is a 5000-year-old burial site.
If you are visiting the NAA website from a mobile device and you don't see what you are looking for, simply click on the green "Visit Full Site" button for the traditional view of the website.
Summary: David Cameron is to face a mass petition opposing plans to launch a "hostile strike" on the traditional view of marriage, campaigners say.
Scottish cardinal Keith O'Brien, in a homily in September, defended the traditional view of marriage.
Shiite scholars base decision on traditional view of crescent sighting
We want a pier, we want a pier, A traditional pier, with a traditional view, Where we can sit and eat, fish and chips, Cockles and mussels and an ice cream, or two.
This book challenges the traditional view that Ireland's application for membership of the Community was a response to similar moves by Britain.
Such new work has begun to displace the traditional view of Schelling, that he is not quite a proper philosopher, but either a purely transitional thinker, of interest only to historians of the period between Kant and Hegel; or alternatively a fundamentally religious thinker, of only theological not philosophical merit.
The Cambridge University study said children should play and talk together more in lessons despite the traditional view that chatter can be disruptive.
The findings challenge the traditional view of our genetic blueprint as a tidy collection of independent genes, pointing instead to a complex network in which genes, along with regulatory elements and other types of DNA sequences that do not code for proteins, interact in overlapping ways not yet fully understood.
That bright future starts with the recognition that we have to break our traditional view of our economy.
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