Trading volume

Trading volume

The number of shares transacted every day. As there is a seller for every buyer, one can think of the trading volume as half of the number of shares transacted. That is, if A sells 100 shares to B, the volume is 100 shares.

Trading Volume

The measure how many trades take place for a security or on an exchange on a given trading day. A high trading volume is an indicator of a high level of interest in a security at its current price. It is an especially important tool in technical analysis, in which trading volume is used to determine the strength of a market indicator. For example, a price rise on heavy trading volume indicates that that price rise is a true indicator, while a technical analyst likely would be more skeptical of the same rise on lighter trading volume. The method for determining trading volume is called volume counting. In the United States, the SEC determines the methodology of volume counting. Trading volume is often simply called volume.

Trading volume.

Trading volume is the quantity of stocks, bonds, futures contracts, options, or other investments that are bought sold in a specific period of time, normally a day. It's an indication of the interest that investors have in that particular security or product at its current price.

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The market was skewed towards decliners this week which witnessed industrials and banking counters together accounted for about 57% of total trading volume.
Total trading volume increased, with a decline in nonresidents relative share of total trading volume.
The banking and financial services sector led trading volume during the month, accounting for 45.
20, 2012 (CENS) -- Trading volume of Taiwan's five free-trade harbor zones topped 4.
The KSE-100's share in the stock market's total trading volume stood at 96 per cent in FY10, indicating that the top 100 companies generate a major portion of trading activity in the stock market.
Active trading not only by foreign investors but by domestic institutional investors, individual investors and dealers on the view that the Japanese economy is improving led to the high trading volume and value figures, brokers said.
The observed positive relation between equity security returns and trading volume is well documented in the financial economics literature, and substantiates the contention that trading volume drives security price revisions (Karpoff, 1987).
The market was extremely skewed towards decliners this week which witnessed banking, real estate, industrials and telecom counters, which together accounted for about 82% of total trading volume.
Total trading volume declined, with an increase in nonresidents relative share of total trading volume.
An OSE official said cash trading volume has shrunk as the introduction of the mark-to-market method of accounting has led to fewer large-lot cross trades aimed at making profits.