Trading symbol

Trading symbol

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Ticker Symbol

A series of letters, often an abbreviation, that represents a stock, option, mutual fund, or other security that trades on an exchange. A ticker symbol allows securities to be listed on an exchange's overhead board conveniently and provides a useful reference for traders and investors. NASDAQ ticker symbols have four letters, while those on the NYSE have no more than three. Mutual fund ticker symbols sometimes include numbers. Examples of ticker symbols include F, for Ford, and MSFT, for Microsoft.
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Trading symbol.

All companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), or the NASDAQ Stock Market are represented by a unique combination of one to five letters of the alphabet.

Some, but not all, trading symbols are easily associated with their companies, such as GE for General Electric or YHOO for Yahoo!.

Sometimes, the exchange trading symbol varies slightly from the way the company is designated on the ticker.

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24 to 30 and listing on the PSE's main board under the trading symbol AXLM is tentatively set for Oct.
Trading of the Company's common stock on NASDAQ will continue, on a post-split basis, with the opening of the markets on August 28, under the existing trading symbol "MOSY" and under a new CUSIP number, 619718307.
The company will be trading under the trading symbol AXU.
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China-based AirNet Technology Inc., formerly known as AirMedia Group Inc., has announced that its trading symbol on the Nasdaq Capital Market will be changed from AMCN to ANTE, the company said.
Al-Moammar Information Systems Company has been assigned a trading symbol of 7200.
The shares of the Bank's common stock will continue to trade on the OTC Pink Marketplace under the trading symbol "MSVB" through the closing date of the conversion.
shares can be bought and sold through the NASD sanctioned "OTC Markets" under the trading symbol LFGP.
12 Retech said it has been notified by FINRA that the additional "D" will be appended to the company's trading symbol for 20 business days and that the trading symbol will subsequently be changed to RETC on or about 21 July 2017.