Trading range

Trading range

The difference between the high and low prices traded during a period of time; for commodities, the high/low price limit an exchange establishes for a specific commodity for any one day's trading.

trading range

The high and low prices between which a specific stock or some stock average has been traded or is expected to trade. See also historical trading range.

Trading range.

A trading range means different things on different types of markets.

On a stock exchange or over-the-counter market, it's the spread between the highest and lowest prices at which a particular stock or market as a whole has been trading over a period of time.

Some of the commodities exchanges set a trading range for each commodity because of the minimum margin required to maintain a position. If the market price moves above or below the trading range, trading is halted to give the member firms the opportunity to issue margin calls and collect the required money from customers whose account values are below the margin requirements.

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While the market closed last week on a negative note, PNB Securities president Manuel Lisbona said it was still within the trading range of 7,800 to 8,000.
The equity markets have been in a narrow trading range of equities for a "very extended period" -- which could be another "black swan" event if that changes, according to Cucchiaro.
1969) classical paper which gave the signaling and trading range hypotheses as possible reasons for corporates opting for stock splits.
Once it hits 750,00 trading range, the index will witness more fallings, but it seems that the falling potential of the index has remarkably been decreased and given the jumps, it makes ready for gradual risings.
Coming into Monday's session, the once high-flying stock had a 52-week trading range of $2.
Mill buyers and ferrous scrap recyclers alike may be wondering if the ferrous scrap trading range is beginning to narrow a little bit after a very volatile run through 2005 and parts of 2006.
The Tokyo Stock Exchange plans to expand the maximum daily allowable trading range for individual stocks in 2009 when it introduces the next-generation computerized trading system, TSE sources said Sunday.
Has ferrous scrap re-defined its trading range so that it will never again see the $65 per ton prices of 2001?
Following the "lost 1980s" and most of the 1990s, the US staged a major revival, with the Dow Jones breaking out of a decade-long trading range in the 1980s, and leading to a massive rally in stock prices in the 1990s.
A broad trading range of $1,370/1,400 narrowed as the week progressed until Wednesday and Thursday which saw trading ranges of only $6 per tonne on both days.