Trading range

Trading range

The difference between the high and low prices traded during a period of time; for commodities, the high/low price limit an exchange establishes for a specific commodity for any one day's trading.
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trading range

The high and low prices between which a specific stock or some stock average has been traded or is expected to trade. See also historical trading range.
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Trading range.

A trading range means different things on different types of markets.

On a stock exchange or over-the-counter market, it's the spread between the highest and lowest prices at which a particular stock or market as a whole has been trading over a period of time.

Some of the commodities exchanges set a trading range for each commodity because of the minimum margin required to maintain a position. If the market price moves above or below the trading range, trading is halted to give the member firms the opportunity to issue margin calls and collect the required money from customers whose account values are below the margin requirements.

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Trading range of the KSE100 Index at the Pakistan Stock Exchange remained at 501 points between the highest and lowest marks of the day and closed with a 385-point increase at 30,057 points.
Mixed economic numbers are also suggestive of a trading range for stocks, including string consumer trends and soft manufacturing numbers.
After hitting a low of 1472.66 on Monday, the move back above 1500 puts the index back into its long-run trading range between 1500 to 1600.
'Trading range still remains at 7,350-7,700, with the latter being a possible breakout point if inflation does log in lower than expected figures,' he added.
Trading range should be between the recent lows and highs of 7,350 and 7,700," he said.
Summary: Against the UAE dirham, it is likely to sustain 22.73-23.00 trading range, reflecting a slight decrease of 1.25 per cent.
Against euro, the rupee was seen in recovery stage trading range bound amid variations.
The gold market is still caught in a trading range. Prices are hovering between $1,300 and $1,350 per ounce since the start of the year.
'But we expect tight trading range to persist for the ringgit on the back of little local bond activity, and it is likely to move sideways,' the dealer told Bernama.
KARACHI -- The stock market endured a dull session on Thursday with the benchmark index trading range bound throughout the day.
The candlestick chart is a visual aid that shows a day's opening and closing price, the trading range, and the direction of movement, he says, and looking at charts for a number of stocks shows the breadth of trading as well.
The gold market saw a bullish upside "breakout" from a sideways trading range on the daily bar chart, which prompted technically oriented traders to step in on the buy side.