trading halt

Trading halt

When trading of a stock, bond, option or futures contract is stopped by an exchange while news is being broadcast about the security. See: Suspended trading.

Suspended Trading

A situation in which trading on a security is halted, usually for about half an hour, but sometimes longer, by the exchange's management or by regulators. Trading on a security is suspended usually in order to discourage volatility. For example, suspended trading may occur for the period immediately around a major announcement by the company's management that may cause the price to unsustainably rise or fall. Likewise, the SEC may suspend trading on a security if it is thought to be engaged in illegal activities.

trading halt

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The company's ASX and NASDAQ securities were placed in a trading halt on Monday whilst negotiations continued with the US institutional fund.
Egypt's stock exchange to reduce trading halt time to 15 mins Egypt's financial regulator has approved the stock exchange's decision to reduce trading halt times to 15 minutes.
The Guidelines also establish that trading venues should immediately make public the activation of a trading halt, the type of trading halt, the trading phase in which it was triggered, the eventual extension and the end of the halt.
The SEC has written to the PSE to quiz the local bourse on the trading halt that happened from 10:29 am to 11:10 am on April 8.
managing director Luis Limlingan said if the trading halt didn't happen, the market "might have closed higher.
It was the "longest trading halt that BSE has ever faced," Yatin Padia, an exchange spokesman, said by phone on Thursday.
The variance models confirm that Nigerian equity markets were substantially moderated as a result of the introduction of price limits and trading halt.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 18, 2014-China's Dongfeng asks for trading halt ahead of an announcement
The Nasdaq OMX Group has resolved the technical issues that led to Thursday's trading halt, but cannot guarantee there would be no future problems, chief executive Officer Robert Greifeld said yesterday.
Late Thursday, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Mary Jo White said the trading halt "should reinforce our collective commitment to addressing technological vulnerabilities of exchanges and other market participants.
The Company requests ASX lifts the trading halt to enable the Company's securities to resume trading on ASX at the commencement of trade on Wednesday, 11 January 2012.
Earlier today, shares in the two banks were put on a trading halt by the country's stock market regulator CNMV.