Trading desk

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Trading desk (dealing desk)

Personnel at an international bank who trade spot and forward foreign exchange.

Trading Desk

A physical desk at an investment bank where one may buy or sell securities or derivatives. Generally speaking, each trading desk at an organization specializes in one type of security. For example, one may buy and sell stocks, other bonds, and so forth. Trading desks allow users to trade securities instantaneously, which can be important in arbitrage. A trading desk is also called a dealing desk.
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TLM Cash Management is essential for any global trading desk looking to gain tighter control on risk, and at the same time allowing better investment and funding decisions.
The WCG trading desk is a superior way to buy media and we have the data to prove it.
Responses from global advertising agency trading desks suggest buyers will double their spend on mobile this year
James McFarland, the Managing Director of Bridgestone Global Partners, the formation of the new precious metal trading desk is thoroughly associated with the firm's global development strategy.
The entire project consisted of over 200,000 square feet of space, including one trading floor that contained 414 trading desks, five floors with 400 work stations for support personnel, and other office space.
The biggest advantage of the Trading Desk, Direct Agents' VP of Media, Mark Glauberson explains, is that it "helps clients navigate this very complex space, and has the foundation and resources necessary in order to launch and optimize large scale campaigns quickly.
BOCI already has a trading desk in Hong Kong that trades crude oil.
Announcing the appointments of Benedict Graham and Mario Duvall, Jacob Alister said: “The creation of the new institutional equities trading desk underscores the firm's aspiration and initiative to globally expand its equity offerings for our global and institutional clients.
Launching the futures trading desk was a natural expansion to our global trading operation which includes global equity, fixed income, derivatives, and portfolio trading," said Jim Morrow, Chief Operating Officer.
For more information about ITG's high-touch agency trading desk and ITG Investment Research, please email info@itg.
To date, Laeken International is in full blast of hiring multi-lingual customer service representatives since the newly formed trading hotline service desk will be positioned in every international trading desk office of Laeken International.
Being recognized in several categories as a top performing broker is a testament to the strength of our global trading desk," said Jim Morrow, Chief Operating Officer.