Trading desk

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Trading desk (dealing desk)

Personnel at an international bank who trade spot and forward foreign exchange.

Trading Desk

A physical desk at an investment bank where one may buy or sell securities or derivatives. Generally speaking, each trading desk at an organization specializes in one type of security. For example, one may buy and sell stocks, other bonds, and so forth. Trading desks allow users to trade securities instantaneously, which can be important in arbitrage. A trading desk is also called a dealing desk.
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Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is said to be planning for a cryptocurrency trading desk.
Three dedicated professionals with extensive local market knowledge and sectoral experience have joined the Trading Desk to support clients in boosting trade with the promising markets in Africa.
Rowan will join the bank's par loan trading desk later this month as a Vice President.
Tackney has over 20 years of trading and portfolio management experience in emerging markets and will co-head the trading desk with Matt Maloney, managing director.
The system also offers alerts notifying the trading desk of any potential risk challenges.
Bridgestone Global Partners' Precious Metal trading Desk will provide global brokerage trading services particularly on IRs, forwards, options and EFP products.
Other banks like Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM) have also closed down trading desks as part of efforts to comply with the requirements of Volcker rule, which is aimed at limiting the risks that lenders take with their own capital.
If your fund managers have alpha, capturing that alpha is the job of your trading desk.
Shell's trading arm has also expanded its trading desk in Dubai, along with Trafigura who have also added new staff in the past year.
Because of the importance of speed and reliability of power, trading desks require some of the most sophisticated circuitry in business today.
This decision is communicated to the Trading Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in a directive that instructs the Desk to take actions in the money market that are consistent with the desired policy direction.
In addition, Rowan will join the bank's par loan trading desk as a vice president later this month.