trading pattern

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Trading pattern

Long-range direction of a security or commodity futures price, charted by drawing one line connecting the highest prices the security has reached and another line connecting the lowest prices at which the security has traded over the same period. See: Technical analysis.
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Trading Pattern

The graphical representation on a chart of a trend in security prices. Technical analysts identify trading patterns for a security and predict future price movements, in part, by matching current patterns with previous patterns.
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trading pattern

The systematic movement of a security's price during a period of time. Traders attempt to discover trading patterns and profit from them when buying and selling.
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"In an era of unfolding trading patterns as world manufacturing and commerce progresses into the 4th industrial revolution era, the wider logistics eco-chain is central to attaining new era demands for increased operational and cost efficiency, production capacity growth, speedy customer responsiveness and heightened competitiveness.
Many research models on US crude exports are based on VLCCs, but interestingly, trading patterns are pushing Aframaxes from the Caribbean region to Europe, resulting in excess supply at the destination and dragging down freight rates and earnings, Richard Matthews, head of research at EA Gibson Shipbrokers said at the Enmore Oil Tanker Shipping Summit in Beijing.
The new system is able to trace and analyze trading patterns based on 54 market variables, compared with the previous methodology that employed two to three factors, boosting chances to spot any unusual signs in a faster and precise manner, according to the KRX.
Wall Street has taken a cautious approach to digital currencies, which are unregulated and have very volatile trading patterns. Bank of America Merrill Lynch banned clients from investing in one of bitcoin mogul Barry Silbert's top funds last month, according to a memo.
During 2017, the weights of the basket were maintained at 45 per cent of the South African Rand and 55 per cent of the SDR, reflecting the trading patterns of Botswana with its major trading partner countries.'An upward rate of crawl of 0.26 per cent per annum was also implemented during 2017 based on the differential between Botswana's inflation rate and that of its trading partner countries,' says the release.
Furthermore, trading patterns of alleged clients of brokerage houses explicitly show possession of inside information because they effectively synchronizing their orders with those of the bank.
When FERC investigates a case, uneconomic trading patterns will raise the first red flag, but other factors can help regulators distinguish between a problem and an unlucky trade that later turned profitable.
Current trading patterns and consumer trends will also be assessed at Ty Menai, Parc Menai, Bangor, on Thursday, November 10, 9.30am.
Contributing archaeologists offer insight on what ancient Mayan ceramic artifacts reveal about Mayan culture, cooking, religion, and trading patterns. Chapters are tied to specific locations where shards have been found in abundance.
The combination of these trading patterns has produced a strong statistical negative trend in EURUSD where the percentage of lower lows traded has continued to exceed highs, evidence of investors continued willingness to sell lower levels (see Chart 1).
From today, the Korea Exchange (KRX) will begin using its upgraded surveillance system, which it says will improve detection of unfair trading practices, automate the analysis of trading on the exchange and introduce the use of various analytical tools to identify abnormal trading patterns.