Trade flat

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Trade flat

For convertibles, trade without accrued interest. Preferred stock always "trades flat," as do bonds on which interest is in default or is in doubt. In general, trade in and out of a position at the same price, neither making a profit nor taking a loss.

Trade Flat

1. In stocks, to trade without a change in price. That is, one trades flat when one sells a stock for the same price at which one bought it.

2. In bonds, to trade without accrued interest. That is, the buyer is not responsible for paying the seller for any interest that has accumulated since the last coupon payment.
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On a week-on-week basis, the dollar on the interbank market lost one paisa on the buying counter while trading flat on the selling counter.
2 per cent by 0900 GMT with most European bourses trading flat or in negative territory.
In currency markets the pound was mixed, trading flat against the US dollar at 1.
Most notably the PSEi was trading flat most of the session with some foreign brokers buying up stocks at the last minute on bargain-hunting,' he added.
stock market has been trading flat as second-quarter earnings have come in better than initially expected, but the outlook for third-quarter earnings has worsened.
8 percent) in December 2014 after trading flat in the previous month.
Financial markets have been gripped by the to-ing and fro-ing, and yesterday investors did not know which way to turn, with stock markets across Europe, trading flat.
It was a flat scene again on November 20 with the benchmark index closed trading flat at 34.
Australian stock ended lower after trading flat for most of the day and trading volume jumped after Royal Dutch Shell concluded the deal to sell some of its stake in Woodside Petroleum.
Trading was not halted, and the BSE was trading flat after touching record highs this week.
MIAPJ0000PUS oscillated between positive and negative territory, and was last trading flat.
The overall international markets were also seen trading flat.