Trade flat

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Trade flat

For convertibles, trade without accrued interest. Preferred stock always "trades flat," as do bonds on which interest is in default or is in doubt. In general, trade in and out of a position at the same price, neither making a profit nor taking a loss.
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Trade Flat

1. In stocks, to trade without a change in price. That is, one trades flat when one sells a stock for the same price at which one bought it.

2. In bonds, to trade without accrued interest. That is, the buyer is not responsible for paying the seller for any interest that has accumulated since the last coupon payment.
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Spot index down .10 to 13.31, as the S&P 500 trades flat into the March Quad Witch, and in VIX pit action, 90K Apr 12.5 - 13 put spreads sold to buy 90K May 25 - 27 call spreads - 2c collected on the package, and the option play expresses the view that VIX will likely hold above $13 through the Apr 17th expiration and then spike to the high 20s by May 22nd.
Aggressive call buying in US Oil Fund weeklys as crude trades flat. The ETF up 1c to $13.74 as crude sits unchanged at $68.10 into midday Monday.