Trade flat

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Trade flat

For convertibles, trade without accrued interest. Preferred stock always "trades flat," as do bonds on which interest is in default or is in doubt. In general, trade in and out of a position at the same price, neither making a profit nor taking a loss.

Trade Flat

1. In stocks, to trade without a change in price. That is, one trades flat when one sells a stock for the same price at which one bought it.

2. In bonds, to trade without accrued interest. That is, the buyer is not responsible for paying the seller for any interest that has accumulated since the last coupon payment.
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US equities are mixed, while gold trades flat and oil climbs higher, back above $69.
On the commodity front, crude remains well bid by $63, while gold trades flat.
All major US equity indices are well offered on the day, sown some 2%, while on the commodity front, oil has backed off over 3% to $60 and gold trades flat.