Trade date

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Trade date

The date that the counterparties in an interest rate swap commit to the swap. Also, the day on which a security or a commodity future trade actually takes place. Trades generally settle (are paid for) 1-5 business days after a trade date. With stocks, settlement is generally 3 business days after the trade. The settlement date usually follows the trade date by five business days, but varies depending on the transaction and method of delivery used.

Trade Date

The date on which a transaction occurs, especially the trade of a security or derivative. It is important to note that the trade date differs from the settlement date, which can range from one to five days following the trade date. On the trade date, ownership of the securities being traded transfers from the seller to the buyer, but the seller does not receive payment until the settlement date.

trade date

The date on which an order is executed. Payment or delivery must be made within five business days of the trade date. Also called transaction date. Compare settlement date.

Trade date.

The trade date is the day on which you buy or sell a security, option, or futures contract.

The settlement date, on which cash and securities are delivered, occurs one or more days after the trade date, depending on the type of security that you're trading.

Options and futures contracts settle on T+1, or one business day after the trade date, and stocks settle on T+3, or three business days after the trade.

Trade Date

With respect to traded securities, the date on which a security is actually bought or sold.
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The trade date of the transaction is today, 24 May 2017 and settlement will occur on 30 May 2017.
Eastern on Monday but with a trade date of Tuesday.
The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to propose a rule amendment to shorten the standard settlement cycle for most broker-dealer securities transactions from three business days after the trade date (T+3) to two business days after the trade date (T+2).
The contracts were listed on CME Group's European exchange, CME Europe, for first trade date on Monday 15 June 2015 and are authorised and approved by the United Kingdom (UK) Financial Conduct Authority.
Contracts will be listed on CME Europe with a first trade date scheduled for March 30, 2015.
In order to calculate YTM correctly in such cases, CPAs need to know the trade date, the settlement date (the date when cash is paid), the maturity date, the number of days between the prior interest payment date and the next coupon payment date, the total number of days between the previous coupon payment date and the next payment date after the settlement date, the number of coupons remaining from the payment prior to settlement to maturity, and the price on the trade date without a coupon interest accrual.
CME Group has launched trading and clearing services for four new cash-settled fertilizer swap futures for trade date 11 July.
According to trade date provided by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) here Tuesday, countrys exports during December, 2009 were valued at $ 1.
Trading will be offered on the New York stock exchange, and clearing services will be available through CME ClearPort(R), from August 23 for trade date on August 24.
DME brent and oman crude oil financial contracts to commence trading on the dubai mercantile exchange on june 2nd 2008The Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited (DME) today announced that as of trade date 02 JUNE 2008, customers of the DME will be able to trade the Exchange's two new financially settled futures contracts for Brent and Oman crude oil in addition to its benchmark DME Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract.
In some cases, this would require the deposit of the taxes the next business day following the exercise of the option, even though the settlement date for the purchase is normally the trade date plus three days.
While the taxpayer is treated as having acquired the stock on the trade date, he or she won't actually deliver the stock to close the short sale until a specified date.