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Fig. 188 Trade creation.

trade creation

an increase in INTERNATIONAL TRADE (and economic welfare) that results from the reduction or elimination of trade barriers such as TARIFFS and QUOTAS. Tariff cuts, etc., may be instigated by a single country, by the formation of a CUSTOM UNION or FREE TRADE AREA, or, more generally, by international negotiation (see WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION).

The trade-creating effect of a tariff cut is illustrated in Fig. 188, which, to simplify matters, is confined to one country (A) and one product.

DD and SS are the domestic demand and supply curves for the product in country A. W is the world supply price of the product. Initially, country A imposes a tariff on imports of the product, raising its price in the home market to Wt. At price Wt, domestic production is shown by OP, domestic consumption by OC, and imports by PC.

The removal of the tariff reduces the price of the product in the home market to W. At price W, imports increase to P1C1, domestic production falls to OP1, and domestic consumption increases to OC1. The home market obtains an increase in economic welfare from this expansion of trade, indicated by the two triangles XYZ and RST XYZ is the ‘production gain’ resulting from the reallocation of factor inputs to more efficient uses; RST is the ‘consumption gain’ resulting from lower prices to consumers.


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Viner (1950) was the first one to examine the impact of regional groupings on the welfare and introduced the concept of trade creation and trade diversion.
The extent of trade creation resulting from eligibility is the third variable used to capture the role of legal criteria in eligibility decisions.
The Icelandic Chamber of Commerce addresses the relationship between EFTA's free trade agreements and trade creation. And Joseph Beck, representing the member companies of Liechtenstein's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, calls for EFTA to continue opening up trade--in parallel to ongoing efforts in the WTO.
As a result, trade creation benefiting Kenya's fellow EAC partners is expected to be marginal, not only on account of these countries' relatively modest supply capacity and competitiveness, but also due to the small tariff reduction for Kenyan intra-EAC imports resulting from the CU.
A regional integration scheme is net creator of trade if trade creation is larger than trade diversion.
that trade creation is likely to exceed trade diversion--
In essence, trade creation is the elimination of customs tariffs on the inner border of unifying states, resulting in a less costly source of supply within the area.
In the traditional perfect substitutes models, the amounts of trade creation and trade diversion depend on the elasticities of the competing supplies, the size of the tariff change, and the elasticity of the domestic demand.
SAFTA can become instrument for trade creation, help stimulate competition, attract capital inflows and encourage transfer of technology.
Pakistan and India are two major powers in South Asia that can become instruments for trade creation, stimulate competition, attract capital inflows, and encourage transfer of technology, he noted.
Beyond the usual considerations of trade creation and diversion, these overlaps could generate additional costs, which risk undermining benefits of trade integration.